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About Gemini

Gemini GIS and Environmental Services “GGES” is a leading black female-owned professional services company. We were established in 2008, with our Head-Office based in Morningside, Johannesburg. Our founding members have more than 20 years of collective experience spanning across the Geospatial, Environmental Management and Remote Sensing professional services in different sectors. Hence, we provide a broad spectrum of specialist Geospatial and Environmental services to public and private clients.

GGES is affiliated with the following professional bodies: The South African Council of Natural and Scientific Professions (S ACNASP), the South African Geomatics Council (SAGC), The Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Association Of Southern Africa (CUAASA), IAIASA and IWMSA.

We strongly believe in bridging the gap between the economy, the environment and its people to usher in a harmonious relationship and system between the three spheres. We have successfully teamed up and partnered with major consulting, oil and gas, mining, and utility companies.

Our dedication to technology-driven, practical and cost-effective services has built our growing reputation for technical excellence in Geospatial Technologies, Environmental Management and Remote Sensing. Our diverse skill sets further support this to successfully partner with our clients in delivering their sustainable projects timeously.

Our embedded change drives our way of business, we seek to see and purpose to use the information we have acquired to provide our clients with answers that ensure sustainable developments, limited environmental degradation and sustainable resource use for a thriving and healthy sustained economy.

Innovative solutions for our clients

Our Mission

Its what we do, whom we serve, and how we serve themOur purpose, beyond ourselves is to partner with our clients, government and communities to serve the greater good. We do this through passionate and empowered teams engaged in innovative environmental services, resulting in impactful digital solutions that enrich people’s lives, comply with intent and save guard our planet.

Our Community Service

We empower our employees to make a difference beyond their daily work activities. Together, we are investing our time, talents, networks and rands to serve the greater good. Furthermore, we have the HUB of Knowledge, also known as THK. It is an initiative of taking social responsibility seriously in order to make a sustainable contribuion to the development and economic growth of our beloved country.


Environment for Good

Because we are more than just a professional services company. Our services aim to help our clients have a positive environmental impact, now and into the future. Given the heightened environmental, social, corporate governance and consumer attention on the impact of corporations, we help our clients to navigate the new world of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

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