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Projects And Campaigns

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Geospatial Excellence across all Business Units

and Mines

Esri South Africa/ Sasol Mining

Provided an on-site resource to support Sasol mining business units and mines on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), to ensure consistent and efficient. Our dedicated resource provided expert services encompassing:

Greening Mzanzi

The Ten Million Tree Initiative

The Ten Million Trees Programme is a directive from the President of the Republic of South Africa for DFFE to coordinate the planting of at least two million trees per annum for a period of five year.


At Gemini GIS and Environmental Services, we take the environment seriously and you are part of our community.

Join us in this initiative in #GreeningMzansi.
Podocarpus latifolius.jpeg

GIS Mapping and Data Collection for EIA of Transmission Lines

GreenGold Group

This project involved utilizing mobile GIS technology for mapping and data collection activities as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for planned solar plant and transmission lines in Kinshasa, DRC.

The specific tasks encompassed:

Leveraging the power of GIS in Transportation

Koleko/SANRAL, AMCE/Ekurhuleni Metro, MontProjects/Tshwane Metro

The team played a key role in tracking and managing various transportation projects. Our contributions included:


Environmental Feasibility studies

Shuma Africa/Ekurhuleni Metro

These projects examined the feasibility of several key infrastructure upgrades in Ekurhuleni, Gauteng. It covers:

Environmental Impact Assessments


Our environmental team conducted environmental assessments in various projects, including:


Environmental Compliance

Snethemba /Ekurhuleni Metro, Snethemba/Transnet

I have experience in environmental compliance across various project types, including:

Water and land contamination analysis

Shuma Africa, Shaweni Consulting Engineers/Eskom

The environmental team conducted a comprehensive assessment projects of land and water contamination, water and sludge sampling and analysis. This involved:


More Projects

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