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Our Services

UAV / Drone Aerial Surveying

Our clients need to know where things are, how they relate, what it all means, and what actions to take. We answer these questions by delivering to our clients accurate, readily accessible data and high impact information content that enable them to gain a fast understanding of the critical issues that lie just beneath the surface.

UAV / Drone Aerial Surveying

Location Intelligence and Mapping

We simplify complex data that might otherwise be difficult to describe or explain when using traditional methods by providing our clients with visual representations of data trends and patterns with reporting that will empower their business’s future and make the unpredictable, predictable.

Project Impact Assessment and Authorisation Applications

We conduct a wide range of assessments covering environment and social aspects based on local, national and international requirements, related legislations, policies and standards in full consideration of the planned activities. We use both the Digital and Site Exploration Impact Assessment approach to perform spatial constraints analysis to assess the proposed project or activity for planning purposes and the assessment of the potential impacts and to map where they are located and to further identify possible mitigations.

Compliance Monitoring and Evaluation

We support delivery of projects with effective and smart tools to enhance the quality of project planning and management by providing Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation and Control services to ensure compliance to Legal requirements and project specific requirements. Pivotal to our services is comprehensive data capturing, keeping of site register, regular Environmental Due Diligence Assessments and performance evaluation.

Project Management

Various projects we have executed for our clients in multiple industries and the collective experience our founding members have given us an extensive and in-depth project management experience. Our expertise enables us to lead and manage environmental management projects from project planning to completion.



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